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Energy Audits


The Department of Energy estimates that the average US business wastes about 30% of the energy it uses due to inefficiency.  At Dillett Mechanical Service, Inc. we are in the energy efficiency business and we believe it is an important part of our service to our customers.  Not only do we want to keep your equipment maintained and running, we want to help you save money by reducing energy waste.  We feel that customer awareness and education is an important part of what we can do to make our country stronger and more energy independent.

What is your companies Sales to Energy Ratio (SER)?

Example: Calculate the SER given: Energy cost = $1,000,000/year, profit margin = 10%

SER =  $1,000,000 / 10%  =  $10,000

So, what does this cost really mean?

~ This organization will need to generate $10,000 in sales just to pay their utility bill!!

Energy Costs can positively or negatively affect your bottom line.


Energy Audit Panel

Energy Audit control

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About Dillett Mechanical

Mike Dillett founded Dillett Mechanical in 1996. With over 30 years of experience in commercial and industrial HVAC Mike realized that most industrial and commercial businesses want to reduce their dependency on outside contractors.


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