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Rooftop HVAC unitCustom Predictive & Preventive Maintenance

We understand that the HVAC equipment that either maintains the comfort in your building or keeps your industrial process running is a very large piece of your yearly budget.  That is why we excel at creating custom predictive and preventive maintenance plans for alRooftop unit Fan sectionl systems large or small.  Keeping your equipment properly maintained is vital to its operation and longevity.  We have found it very beneficial to our customers to create a long term plan for their building to assist them in planning their budget for either maintaining or replacing their equipment at the right time.

Dillett Mechanical Service, Inc. has the capability of providing preventative maintenance inspections on any type of HVACR equipment. Performing preventative maintenance on your equipment regularly protects your equipment investment and can often identify problems before they become a major issue during extreme weather and/or after hours. We have developed electronic custom preventative maintenance log sheets which detail the work performed during the inspection and highlight any problem areas of concern. These electronic log sheets are available to all of our preventative maintenance customers and are a great tool to provide equipment maintenance history.


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Mike Dillett founded Dillett Mechanical in 1996. With over 30 years of experience in commercial and industrial HVAC Mike realized that most industrial and commercial businesses want to reduce their dependency on outside contractors.


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